The Importance of Instant Products

Instant Products

In an ever-changing economic landscape due to a pandemic, we have seen the foodservice industry experience many difficult challenges as a result. Foodservice operators simply have less financial flexibility, need to reduce their menus and find ways to go faster in the kitchen due to reduced staff or the inability to find personnel. That is why LUDA instant sauces & soups are a perfect solution to any kitchen looking to speed up their process and become more cost efficient!

Instant sauces, gravies and soups are very easy to prepare with any temperature water, adding the mix gradually to the water while stirring and then heating to serving temperature. Instant products can be prepared by any employee in no time because they contain quick thickening starches vs a from scratch recipe that could take up to 12 hours to prepare, which results in great potential savings! Typically, instant products are very easy to store, are stable and can be frozen, thawed, and reheated without breaking. The products in the LUDA Inspiration and LUDA H lines are great examples of instant products, offering a variety of features from gluten free, to low sodium, to no added MSG, artificial colour or flavour.

Take a look at our LUDA H and LUDA Inspiration instant products!