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What we can do

Custom Blending
In addition to all of the ready-to-order LUDA branded products, we offer high quality custom blending. We can adapt any recipe into your own unique blend, including strict allergen control, based on your needs.

Packaging flexibility based on your needs
We offer a line of blends adapted for industrial needs available in industrial sizes for the processor market. We ensure that our production sizes meet your batch needs by reducing food waste & ease your operations & ingredient sourcing, translating into cost-savings for you.

We are always exploring the latest trends and continuously innovating.

  • Our made-in-Canada products help control your exposure to allergens, standardize your costs, ease your procurement and increase the efficiency of your operations while supporting Canadian jobs and industry.
  • Products include: chicken, beef, vegetable bases with ethnic flavours, brines for meat, seasoning mixes for fish, pastry cream, and many more.
  • Technical – ask questions about products or manufacturing process with direct contact to our technical team
  • Regulatory – experience with exports, border regulations, documentation for multiple countries including the US
  • Allergens & certifications – supporting documents available for all certifications, allergen information managed for all Big-10 allergens