Enhanced Customer Communication on LUDA website

While we have been crafting soups, sauces and custom blends for the food service, industrial and retail markets since 1951, we recently improved our website to better describe the markets we primarily serve and differentiate the products we have for those markets.

Specifically, we have added a new page tab entitled ‘Markets’ which offers a brief yet concise glimpse and description about:

  • Foodservice
  • Industrial
  • Custom Products
  • Retail

Equally important, we have made our product search query much easier to navigate as we have created a filter to differentiate between LUDA branded foodservice and industrial products. To further elaborate on our industrial capabilities, our products cater to larger pack requirements while helping to control exposure to allergens, standardize costs, ease procurement and increase the efficiency of operations while supporting Canadian job industry.

For further information on our industrial products, we invite you to explore our full product line found here.

As a note – our full retail capabilities will continue to be found on our retail website to help differentiate those products from our foodservice product mix.