Giving a second life to your LUDA pails

Eco friendly pail



The foodservice industry can certainly be a big offender in terms of waste, especially when we think of all the plastic that is being thrown away like straws, take-out containers, food packaging, food wraps, and others. Sustainability and waste reduction are top-of-mind for many customers (NRN, 2017). Implementing sustainability initiatives within your foodservice operation is certainly marketable and can make your foodservice operation more attractive to sustainably-minded customers.

As a manufacturer that supplies soups, sauces and seasonings to the foodservice industry, we also have at heart the desire to help you make our operations more sustainable. Did you know that the plastic pails in which you receive our products are recyclable? You can also give your pail a second life by repurposing it before you recycle it. Not only will you reduce your waste, you will also save money on your waste disposal program and by buying less material.

Front of house ideas

  • To store sorted utensils before polishing them
    • Instead of buying a plastic bin in which you can store the sorted utensils before polishing them, simply reuse your LUDA pails!
  • To store silverware roll-ups
    • Your shelves will look much more organized if you store your silverware roll-ups in a bin, and you will reduce the risk that they unroll.
  • To store folded napkins
    • If you fold napkins in a particular shape to dress your tables, you probably have your staff fold a big quantity ahead of time to always be ready to reset a table. Storing folded napkins in a bin such as a LUDA pail helps prevent them from unfolding and keeps the working space organized.
  • To store bar back-up ingredients
    • Use an empty LUDA pail to store bar back-up ingredients such as citrus fruits or other produce used to garnish drinks, and to organize miscellaneous material on shelves such as napkins, straws and candles.

Back of house ideas

  • To soak silverware
    • Reduce the time spent scrubbing utensils by soaking them in a LUDA pail filled with soapy water. You will ensure they always come back from dishwashing spotless, and doing so may help you reduce labour costs on dish washing.
  • To store prepared ingredients
    • When doing your mise en place, use an empty LUDA pail to store prepared foods in the refrigerator.
  • To freeze prepared foods
    • Made too much food? Use an empty LUDA pail to freeze the leftovers and preserve their freshness until you can reuse them in another recipe.
  • To discard food scraps
    • Use an empty LUDA pail as a countertop bin to discard food scraps destined for compost. As it is easy to wash, you will not need to purchase biodegradable bags and thus save money. Simply send it to the dishwasher every night after the service!
  • To organize shelves
    • Nothing helps organize shelves better than using a bin. Use your empty LUDA pails to organize your material and keep your kitchen spotless. You can also use them to organize non-kitchen related things, such as nuts, bolts and screws!
  • To grow food
    • The LUDA pails are deep enough to grow food such as herbs, carrots, scallions, and others. Use a drill to pierce holes in the bottom to ensure proper irrigation and pile it in another empty pail to avoid drips.

However, it is important to note that you must remove the label before reusing a pail, as it is a food safety risk to leave the incorrect label on. An even better solution is to put a new label on clearly identifying the new contents. There are many quick label printers available on the market for this.

Do you have other ideas on how to repurpose empty LUDA pails? Share your ideas with us!


Marilyne Petitclerc, MHSc, P.Dt.
Culinary Marketing Specialist at LUDA Foods


Nation’s Restaurant News (2017). How restaurant operators can implement sustainability programs. Retrieved from