Taste The Innovation

Taste and test a delicious LUDA mother sauce in your kitchen by incorporating it in your culinary creations. Fill in the form below to request a sample of any of the following products today! *For foodservice professionals only*

Brown Gravy 
Create classic derivatives such as Dijonnaise or Mushroom & Herb

  • LUDA H Brown Gravy
  • LUDA Inspiration Brown Gravy

Demi Glace 
Use red wine, dijon mustard or wild mushrooms to create your own signature sauce

  • LUDA ED Demi Glace
  • LUDA Inspiration Instant Demi Glace

Prepare derivative sauces such as Bearnaise or Bavarian

  • LUDA Inspiration Instant Hollandaise
  • LUDA Original Hollandaise
  • LUDA H Hollandaise

Our signatures

  • LUDA ED: Traditional Québécois flavours
  • LUDA H: Low in sodium and in fat
  • LUDA Inspiration: Premium products, faster culinary creations
  • LUDA Original: Tried and true classic recipes

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