Where can I find your products?

Our branded products are available from broad-line food-service distributors across Canada. LUDA EDF brand products are available for direct sales to Food processors and food manufacturers in Canada and abroad.

Are your products available for sale in grocery stores or through the web?

Yes, you can now purchase some of our most popular products, including LUDA H, LUDA Inspiration and LUDA Original products, directly on Amazon. Check out our store!

How can I get samples of your products?

Samples can be provided by our Business Development Managers or through our broker network across Canada. Contact us with your request and we will direct it to the appropriate person.

How can I start a custom development project?

Contact us to start custom development project of a recipe for your restaurant, or a custom flavour ingredient for your manufacturing facility. Fill in the contact form on the contact us page and we will direct you to the appropriate Business Development Manager who will find out more about your project and guide you through the development process.

What allergens are in your products?

LUDA Foods takes allergen control very seriously. All CFIA recognized allergens are controlled during preparation, processing and packaging.  Allergens contained in each product are clearly indicated on the labelling, on product data sheets and are in the products section of this website. Absence of gluten is controlled in the same way as allergens.

Do your products contain gluten?

LUDA Foods takes celiac disease seriously and takes a number of precautions to ensure that individuals with intolerance to gluten can consume our gluten-free products safely. Products that are gluten-free are clearly labelled and identified on the packaging as well as in the products section of this website.

Measures to ensure our products are gluten-free include:

  • All ingredients in our gluten-free recipes do not contain gluten.
  • All yeasts are grown on a non-wheat base.
  • Our manufacturing scheduling is designed to ensure that our gluten-free products are handled in a way to avoid cross contamination with other gluten containing products.
  • Verification by an external laboratory for absence of gluten.

How can I get a product specification sheet?

All of our branded products’ information can be found in the products section of this website. Contact us to request specifications of a custom product or to request a product data sheet that has been double verified by a member of our QA department.

How to prevent the product from separating on the steam table (usually part liquid and part jelly-textured)?

A product “separates” when the starches are destroyed. This is usually caused by bacteria (which eats the starch) or by high heat (which destroys the starch).

  • Check that the sauce is held above 60°C and the water in the steam table is simmering (not full boil).

a) Too hot: the heat will destroy the starches in the sauce and cause it to break down.

b) Too cold: bacteria will form that will also cause the sauce to separate.

  • Validate the cooking method (boiling 3 minutes). The boiling kills all bacteria. Classic sauces require boiling to develop their starches (unlike instant sauces).
  • Check that the user is mixing any skin back into the sauce, rather than disposing of it. The skin contains starches. If too much of the skin is removed, there will not be enough starch to keep the sauce stable.
  • Verify the tasting methods used – should be the double-spoon method. Human saliva contains acids and bacteria that can break down sauces very quickly. Avoid dipping your finger, or the same spoon used for tasting, back into a sauce.
  • Try making the product using bottled water and see if it still separates. Bacteria is commonly found in water pipes and hot-water tanks. Using bottled water will rule out water as the cause of the breakdown.

How to prevent the product from breaking after storage?

Check that the product is only stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days, ideally in an airtight, heatproof container. Storage for more than 3 days may lead to the development of bacteria that will break down the sauce. Household plastic containers are porous and can be contaminated from items previously stored in the same container.

A skin is forming on the product, what should I do?

A skin is formed when the starches come in contact with air. Between services, replace the lids and covers with plastic wrap. Usually the skin can be easily mixed back into the sauce.

I would like to offer my product or service to LUDA Foods. Whom should I contact?

Complete the Contact us web form with information about your product or service, and with a link to your website. We will direct your request to the appropriate person in our procurement department.

How can I get to your facility and what are your office hours?

LUDA Foods is located at 6200 Trans-Canada Hwy, Pointe-Claire (QC), H9R 1B9. Here is a link to Google Maps to assist you in reaching our facility. Please note that some visitors have had difficulty locating our building as it is withdrawn from the Trans-Canada Highway and there are other buildings with the address 6200 Trans-Canada in Montreal in other boroughs.

LUDA’s office is open for business from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (eastern time) Monday through Friday, except for holidays. Our shipping dock is open weekdays 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m (eastern time).