LUDA Inspiration

Oeufs bénédictine nappés de sauce hollandaise LUDA Inspiration

Premium products — faster culinary creations

LUDA Inspiration is a complete line of premium products available to the Food Industry. All the recipes for LUDA Inspiration products, including the Instant Gluten-Free Demi-Glace, the Instant No MSG Hollandaise and the Gluten-Free Culinary Cream Base, were expertly crafted to not only be exquisite, but also quick and simple to prepare. The LUDA Inspiration products help with a smooth execution and consistent quality, no matter how skilled your employees are.

LUDA Inspiration continues to evolve to offer cutting edge products and best serve today’s chefs. Our LUDA Inspiration products will help you develop versatile, delicious, and trendy menu options to go beyond the expectations of a gourmet clientele.

Furthermore, some of the products in the LUDA Inspiration line are gluten-free, offering you a safe option for your guests suffering from celiac disease or following a gluten-free diet for health reasons.

Whether you are looking for a specific flavour profile or ideas for menu application, contact us today to find out more!

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