Our main specialties include instant, gluten-free, vegetarian, sodium reduced and clean label products and we are actively posting on our various social media pages as well!

Strong communication is essential in all facets of business and we like to utilize our social media platforms to effectively speak with our customers and partners, and not only keep them informed of our latest products and recent events but to stay connected and stay engaged with those very same people that we learn from on a regular basis.

While some of you already follow us on certain platforms, there might be many others who do not necessarily know that we are fully active on multiple sites with a purpose of reaching out to an even greater audience to maintain our brand loyalty and respond to customer feedback.

Specifically, below you will find a full list of all the online platforms where you can find LUDA Foods. We fully encourage and recommend that you sign up and like or subscribe to your preferred site to stay updated on our latest product information, happenings and our involvement in the food industry.

| Facebook (@LUDAfoods)

This is our most active site where we share the largest amount of information. Please like our page to help us reach a larger audience!

| YouTube

We are actively populating this site with video shorts on mostly new products as well as top selling items and recipe sessions. Subscribe to see our latest videos that we upload on a regular basis!

| Instagram @LUDAfoods

Look for our vast library of active product shots and some images that are hard to find!

| LinkedIN @LUDAfoods

| Twitter @LUDAfoods

We may even surprise you and send you a gift for signing up to any of the sites above!