Pointe-Claire, QC, August 2021 — LUDA Foods, manufacturer of soups, sauces and custom blends located in Pointe-Claire, are celebrating a special milestone this year as they turn 70 in September!

“This September marks the 70th anniversary of our third-generation, family-owned company and we continue to be humbled by the trust that all our valuable customers and partners have bestowed upon us.

We have learned a great deal about ourselves in the past 18 months due to the pandemic and I continue to be amazed by our perseverance, strong dedication to service, and absolute commitment to exceeding our customers’ expectations, even during challenging times. Our guided principles of transparency, quality, innovation, family culture as well as our core values permeate throughout our company, and our customers and partners benefit as a result.

We look forward to continuing to grow our customer partner relationships, as well as new growth opportunities, by providing high quality, efficient dry mixes, refrigerated concentrates and other exciting and innovative solutions for many years to come. THANK YOU, from the entire LUDA family”

—Robert Eiser, President.

More about LUDA Foods’ History

Herman Eiser, founder, loved eating out: he would drive miles just to taste the creations of chefs. But he never hesitated to nitpick about service, quality or high prices, because Herman was someone who wanted all the details just so.

It’s probably this love for food that led him to choose Food Science as a career, founding in 1951 Empire Dehydrated Products Ltd. that would later become LUDA Foods. He knew that chefs were often stressed and under pressure, but wasn’t a restaurant a place to relax and have fun, and not just for those who were eating the food? He started rethinking the hard-working cooks’ mise-en-place in order to simplify it—his idea was that his team should fuss and struggle with all the details so that our customers wouldn’t have to.