We cut the salt & gluten, not the taste

With LUDA H, less is more. Low in sodium and in fat, our LUDA H products are also void of trans fat, artificial colours and flavours, and do not contain added MSG, because we know you want to serve high quality foods to your guests. Furthermore, all the products in the LUDA H line are gluten-free, offering you a safe option for your guests suffering from celiac disease or following a gluten free diet for health reasons. Our products will help you develop versatile, delicious, and trendy menu options to meet the needs of a clientele with dietary restrictions or that is simply health conscious.

We are pleased to introduce you to our new sodium indicator tool exclusive to LUDA H products, the Sodiumeter. This tool helps you judge the sodium intake of a product at a glance by looking at its position on the sodium intake scale.

Whether you are looking for a specific flavour profile or ideas for menu application, contact us today to find out more!

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