LUDA Booster

pizzas on naan bread with indian booster

Versatile seasonings from around the world

LUDA Boosters allow chefs to simplify their seasonings and bring international flavours to their menu in a wink. This line of gluten free and low sodium pre-mixed seasonings, prepared using only premium spices and flavours, is ready for use in any application and can help provide the reliable consistency chefs are looking for in their kitchen. What is more, LUDA Boosters are ready-to-use, have an instant dissolve formula, and some are certified Halal and Kosher. They can thus be added to broths or creamy soups without any fuss for an instant burst of flavour!

Chefs and restaurant operators love LUDA Boosters for their ease of use and truly authentic flavour profiles, whether exotic or more mainstream, allowing chefs to recreate foods of the world without having to mix seasonings, spices and other flavorings. Whether you are looking for a specific flavour profile or ideas for menu application, contact us today to find out more!

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