We have the perfect Hollandaise sauce, and we’re proud of it!

Do you need an effortless, deliciously creamy hollandaise sauce? It doesn’t get easier than LUDA Inspiration’s instant Hollandaise Sauce! No need to add butter, or to whisk any eggs!

The LUDA Inspiration Instant Hollandaise sauce is a premium mix with a slightly sweet buttery flavour, balanced with subtle heat and lemony notes. It is the perfect complement for seafood, green veggies, and of course — eggs Benedict.

LUDA Inspiration Hollandaise Sauce

Use LUDA Hollandaise as a mother sauce to create wonderful derivative concepts, such as a Bearnaise or Bavarian sauce. Or, create tasty recipe ideas ranging from breakfast poutine or center of plate favorites by simply pouring over fish or steamed vegetables. For the sweet tooth lovers, you can even replace both butter and eggs in recipes for muffins and cakes!

After one taste of this heavenly sauce, you will not believe how absolutely delicious it is! It is a cost-effective, gluten-free alternative to scratch made sauces. Vegetarian, low-fat, steam-table and freeze-thaw stable, it is also certified Kosher and Halal and crafted right here in Canada!

This sauce is easy and quick to prepare as all you need to do is mix with water. Just watch the video below and see for yourself!

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