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How can your food service operation become plant-based friendly?

Plant based foods are more popular than ever, and this trend seems to be there to stay. Increasingly, your restaurant or food

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What Is The Difference Between Complete, Cooked, And Instant Gravies?

In the world of dry mixes, finding which product will suit your needs may seem complicated. Looking at labels, you will notice

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Giving a second life to your LUDA pails



The foodservice industry can certainly be a big offender in terms of waste, especially when we think of

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How to prepare our LUDA sauces

This is your visual guide on how to prepare our LUDA sauces. Enjoy!

Preparation Instructions for Cooking Style sauce mixes

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What are FODMAPs?

Accommodating guests with a variety of dietary restrictions can be tricky for food service workers, especially when new therapeutic diets emerge. Remember

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LUDA Foods receives a DUX Award

Pointe-Claire, QC, February 5, 2018 – LUDA Foods, manufacturer of soups, sauces and seasonings located in Pointe-Claire, received an award for its line of

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What is the difference between “gluten-free” and void of gluten-containing ingredients?

In the world of food service, the difference between products with a “gluten-free” claim or certification, or that are void of gluten-containing

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