Culinary Road Trip



LUDA is aware of the trends, knows the market and innovates constantly. We can help you develop new ideas with our Culinary Team. Come and meet us at our Culinary Centre, or we can meet you wherever you are!

  • Well-known
    We are the No. 1 manufacturer of soups, sauces and dry seasonings in the food service industry. Custom-designed products account for 50% of our sales. We are a partner and a key supplier for several major regional and national chains in the market.
  • Innovative
    Forward-thinking and innovative, we are the leader in our category producing instant, gluten-free, allergen-free and reduced-sodium products. We are continually developing new products. Our recent product lines of “clean label” and vegetarian recipes are two examples.
  • Flexible
    We offer flexible packaging options, from individual bags to bulk packages. We stock a wide variety of ingredients from around the world and we can customize blends to your specific needs.
  • Accessible
    Our products are represented and distributed across Canada.
  • Experienced
    We quickly develop prototypes at no cost and with no obligation to purchase. We can match existing products through reverse engineering.

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